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The Electronic Testing Service's (ETS) Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) Test (formerly the Academic Profile Test standard form) was first adopted by Mountain State University for the Fall 2004-2005 as a measure of students' learning outcomes. The MAPP test is a proctored exam designed to test the student's college-level writing, mathematics, reading and critical thinking skills.  It focuses on the academic skills developed through general education courses, rather than on the knowledge acquired about the subjects taught in the general education courses.  The strategy was originally to have incoming freshmen take the exam to measure what skills they possess upon entering MSU and then to retest these same students at the end of their sophomore year after they have completed their general education requirements. However, based on the limited number of students from the original cohort remaining at the end of the sophomore year the University modified this strategy to only test students at the end of the sophomore year after they had completed their general education requirements. These results would then be compared to the national average. The comparison of the results will provide a measure of what skills the students have gained during their first two years here at MSU.

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