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The current Customer Service Survey was first administered in 2004 and served as the benchmark for subsequent surveys. The purpose of this survey is to measure attitudes, preferences, and subjective reactions of students as they relate to customer service in six specific areas: Advising, Bookstore, Dining Services, Financial Aid, Registration and Student Accounts.  

     The 2009 survey had a response rate total of 1,314 submissions (24.2%).  The survey was offered to 5,423 currently enrolled students, based on the spring enrollment report.  Each student had the opportunity to complete the survey and submit contact information for a chance to win a prize and allow follow-up contact by administration for additional feedback.

     The responses for this survey was based on the Likert scale and the results of the survey have been broken down by each department for easy review and are being reported based on the selections the students made for each area. If the student selected more than one category in a particular area, the results have been reflected in each category selected.  If a respondent chose not to answer a specific question, the survey was designed to default to the “no opinion” response in order to eliminate missing answers. 

     The 2009 survey results have been compared to the 2008 results to identify what improvements have been made as well as areas that may need further development.  The following results have been broken down by each of the six areas evaluated and ranked according to the average percentage of excellent responses received overall.  In addition, the average percentage of good responses, poor responses and very poor responses have been calculated and the ranking results have been reported.

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