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The Customer Service Survey was first issued in February of 2004 with a paper based survey being mailed out to all students enrolled in the Spring 2004 semester.  The survey was mailed out to 3,586 student of which 2,064 responded giving a 58% response rate.  

The responses for this survey were based on the Likert scale that was used to measure attitudes, preferences, and subjective reactions.  The results of this survey are broken down by each department for easy review and are being reported based on the selections the students made for each area. If the student selected more than one category in a particular area, the results will be reflected in each category selected.

The 2004 Customer Service Survey Data link also contains the students overall rating of the service provided to them at Mountain State University (MSU).  When asked "Overall, were you satisfied with your most recent contact with MSU?", 90% responded YES and 10% responded NO.  The comments provided seem to touch all aspects of the University and offer insight into areas for improvement and have been provided to senior staff for their review. The results of this survey indicated that there was room for improvement in all six areas surveyed: Advising, Bookstore, Dining Services, Financial Aid, Registration and Student Accounts.  As a result of the 2004 survey, training sessions were set up for employees in each of the six areas. The 2004 survey will also serve as the benchmark for subsequent customer service surveys.

Please review the following links for the 2004 results:

Advising - Overall

Advising - Advising Center

Advising - Faculty

Advising - None Listed

Bookstore - Overall

Bookstore - Beckley Campus

Bookstore - Online Beckley Campus

Bookstore - None Listed

Dining Service

Financial Aid - Overall

Financial Aid - Virtual Financial Aid

Financial Aid - WIA - Beckley

Financial Aid - VA - Beckley

Financial Aid - Other - Beckley

Financial Aid - None Listed


Student Accounts - Overall

Student Accounts - Payment Window

Student Accounts - Refund Check

Student Accounts - Third Party Billing

Student Accounts - Collections

Student Accounts - None Listed

Overall - were you satisfied with your most recent contact with MSU? (Yes/No)


Departmental Comparison